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Swamp Things Podcast

Oct 21, 2019

"It was the best of times. It was the worst of times, and it was all of them at once. It was the end... and in the end, there were not words enough to encompass it." With issue 46 of Swamp Thing entitled "Revelations" Swamp Thing and Constantine face the end of the world as they know it. And John and Robert are...

Oct 14, 2019

"Bang. Bang. Bang. The sound of hammers must never stop." The Winchester Mystery House provides the inspiration for Swamp Thing #45. Alan Moore and Stan Woch provide the words and pictures. Robert and John have a lot to discuss regarding both ghosts and gun violence in America.

Reader: Rob Veatch of Batman on...

Oct 7, 2019

"How can they call me callous when I remember every single pair of eyes?" Swamp Thing #44, by Moore, Bissette, Randall, and Totleben, explores America's fascination with serial killers. And keeping score. John and Robert have a lot to say on the subject.

Reader: Rob Veatch of Batman on Film

Original Music: Jim...

Sep 30, 2019

"There's no need. There's no need for all this fear." In Swamp Thing #43 entitled Windfall, a fallen yam from Swamp Thing provides a window on his world and into the souls of those who consume it courtesy of Alan Moore, Stan Woch, and Ron Randall. Robert and John offer their insights on this issue which was nominated...

Sep 23, 2019

"That which is buried is not gone. That which is planted will grow." In Swamp Thing #42 the violence of slavery and its continued memory and trauma are the subject. John and Robert do their best to discuss these topics. Also there are zombies.

Reader: Antoinette Gulley

Original Music: Jim Laczkowski of Now Playing...